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Trusted and Tankside: With an average of 20 years of experience in surface finishing operations, our team of wastewater treatment experts help you quickly identify which coagulants, flocculants and precipitants best optimize your treatment plan to keep you in compliance.

Cost Effective and Quick Answers to Wastewater Regulation Concerns

Finding the most effective precipitant, coagulant or flocculant doesn’t need to be hard. Try one of Hubbard-Hall’s HERO Aquapure products – the ones most often recommended by our team.

Hero Products

Powerful Precipitant


Aquapure T-900 is designed for use as a heavy metal precipitant for waste treatment systems. It’s effective for a variety of metals & can be metered in for easy dosing.

Charismatic Coagulant


Aquapure CAL 76 is a concentrated blended inorganic coagulant that offers excellent conditioning characteristics in a variety of wastewater.  For the removal of ortho and pyro-phosphates.

Fearless Floc


Aquapure AN Clear is a liquid, anionic flocculent used in settling suspended precipitates in wastewater treatment. Aquapure AN Clear will cluster the precipitate into a manageable mass.

Want Some Proof?

Check out these case studies to show both the time and
cost savings you can achieve using Aquapure products.

Hex Chrome Reduction & Metal Treatment with Aquapure Case Study

Delivering a Dose of Good Service to Get a Flocculant Problem Cleared Up.


Powerful Product Pairing

Powerful Product Pairing

Aquapure P601 and Aquapure HQ break chelation of metals present in an alkaline non-cyanide bath.  Want to see other product pairings that can help your process?

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